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Cardio vascular disorders Cancer Auto immune diseases
Endocrinal disorders Neurological disorders Obesity
IV Nutrition Detox & Chelation therapy

Changing the underlying causes of cancer

“No one with a headache is suffering from a deficiency of aspirin”

We would like to look at the underlying causes and address them.

We fix what’s broken

IF you have a zinc deficiency, then a truckload of vitamin c will not be nearly as valuable as giving the body what it needs to end the zinc deficiency. If an accumulation of lead and mercury has crimped the immune system, then removing the toxic metals is more important than psychotherapy. If a low output of hydrochloric acid in the stomach creates poor digestion and malabsorption, then hydrochloric acid supplements are the answer. Therefore we:

  • Reduce the toxic Burden by detoxification (excretion) and chelation of heavy metals, Such as mercury, lead, arsenic etc.
  • Correct Immune Dysfunctions
  • Balance PH (Acid Alkali balance)